Monday, March 7, 2011

Running to get to the starting line...

Hello and Welcome to actual followers. I am so excited to see my little business starting to take off. Though I am feeling a little like I'm running just to get to the starting line. In just over 3 weeks I have made close to 60 tshirts. I know that once the base stock is established I'll be able to cut that down a little.

What's all that stock for you ask. Well Mid-February or so I was welcomed into a brick and mortar store here in Southeast MI. I took actual tshirts there on the first of March. So you can find my tshirts at Root and Sprout on Old Woodward in Birmingham MI. 

Also Etsy is doing pretty good. Thanks a lot to taking the time to join some teams and learn about their new Circles.

I don't want business to slow down per say just let me catch up a bit there's laundry to be. :)

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